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  2. Cormorant cider in the Chikugo River

Cormorant cider in the Chikugo River

  • The history of cormorant fishing is very old, and the description remains in the Chinese "Sui Sho" and "Nihon-shoki (the oldest chronicles of Japan)", which were made about 1400 years ago.Cormorant fishing in the Chikugo River has been handed down as a modest means of living, and it happened to be in the limelight due to the postwar tourism boom.

    Due to the heavy rain disaster in northern Kyushu five years ago, the situation was difficult to survive, but it will be resumed for the first time in a long time this year.
    Please come and support the traditional fishing method that has been around for a long time and the activities of the cormorants who are doing their best!

    ■Reiwa 4th year implementation period
    【first half】May 20th (Friday) -June 20th(Monday) 
    ※There is no reception on the first day of May 20 due to Shinto rituals, etc., and general customers can board the ship from Saturday, May 21.
    【Latter half】July 15th (Friday) -August 31st(Wednesday)

    There will be a rainy season suspension period this year!
    【Suspension period】Please note that the service will be closed from June 21st to July 14th.

    ■Boarding fee(Including tax and insurance)
    ·Adult(s)(Junior high school students and above)...2,500 JPY
    ·Elementary school-aged children...1,500 JPY
    ·Infants(3 years old or older)...800 JPY
    ·0 to 2 years old...Free ※Please be sure to board with a guardian.
    ※Cancellation on the day will be charged the full cancellation fee.

    ★Cormorant fishing revival campaign★ (The discount will end as soon as the number of people reaches the campaign.)
    Only the first 1000 people will get a "500 yen discount"!
    The target of the discount is
    For adults (2500 yen → 2000 yen),
    Only elementary school students (1500 yen → 1000 yen).

    ■Time and place
    In the case of a shared ship, we will meet at the lobby at 20:15 and leave at 20:30.(Boarding is about 40 minutes)
    The pier is a 1-minute walk from TAISENKAKU.

    ■About chartered ships
    If you would like to request a chartered boat, please contact the inn directly.The departure is from 21:30.
  • ■Cautions  ※Please be sure to read it.
    ·Due to the operation in nature, it may be canceled in a hurry due to rainy weather or river conditions.Thank you for your understanding.In that case, you will not be charged.
    ·Regarding the cancellation fee, the full amount will be charged for cancellation on the day of customer convenience.

    If you wish to board the cormorant fishing, please apply to the inn where you are staying.
    Reception is until 17:00 on the day.
    The number of people on board is limited.The reception will end as soon as the upper limit is reached.