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  2. We accept bento orders!

We accept bento orders!

  • You can enjoy the taste of a long-established inn at home!

  • The lunch box is packed with the taste of Japanese cuisine that has been cultivated at TAISENKAKU for more than 70 years.
    Please enjoy the dishes handmade by the cooks one by one at home or at work.

    ★For customers who order a bento and come to our inn to pick it up
    We are presenting a "day trip hot spring ticket"!
  • Eel Kabayaki Bento 4,400 yen
    The eel that is carefully baked with homemade kabayaki sauce is addictive.
  • Domestic beef loin steak lunch 4,400 yen
    A variety of side dishes including domestic beef loin steak! It is the contents of super size.
  • Thai Rin bento 3,300 yen
    Enjoy the local flavors such as the special sablefish Saikyo-yaki, the inn's specialty soup roll egg, sweetfish Chikuzen-ni
  • You can place an order by phone or email.
    TAISENKAKU phone number:0946-62-1140
  • 【Precautions regarding lunch】
    ·Please accept orders from 10 or more and make a reservation at least 3 days before the date of use.
    ·We can adjust the content according to your needs, so please feel free to contact us.
    ·Cancellation on the day of use (including reduction of the number) will be charged 100%.
    ·For delivery, please contact us by phone.
    ★We are presenting a "day trip hot spring ticket" to customers who come to our inn!