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※As of January 2022, GoTo Travel is suspended※

  • What is the Go To Travel Campaign?
    This is a national initiative aimed at revitalizing the travel industry and domestic travel damaged by the epidemic of the new coronavirus infection.
    A 35% discount from the room rate + a regional coupon (15% of the total travel amount) will be given.

    ●From October 1st, "Regional Coupons" will be distributed!
    If you are a guest who made a reservation on duty and apply using STAY NAVI, you will be given a "paper coupon" at check-in.
  • You can also get a GoTo Travel Campaign discount on our official website or by making a direct phone reservation.
    To receive the discount, use the "STAY NAVI" site.
    Please check the procedure below.

    ●You can use STAY NAVI for "direct reservation only".Customers who book from each travel reservation site, travel agency, or travel agency cannot apply for STAY NAVI.
    ●Discounts are not available for our day trip plan.

    11/1 postscript:
    ●The Fukuoka Prefecture Travel Grant "Fukuoka Concealed Travel Tourism Campaign", which will be on sale from November 5, can be used in combination with GoTo Travel only for those who live in Fukuoka Prefecture.To use it, you need to purchase an accommodation voucher by yourself.Please check the official website of the campaign for details such as terms and conditions regarding use.

    12/7 postscript:
    ●The Asakura City Travel Grant "Asakura Night Tour" has also been changed so that it can be used in combination with GoTo Travel from January 4th to February 28th, 2021.※Applicable only to direct phone calls and reservations on the inn official website.
    If you would like to use it, please let us know at the time of booking.In addition, it will end as soon as the budget is reached.Thank you in advance for your understanding.

    1/15 postscript:
    ●In response to the announcement of the state of emergency, the GoTo Travel Business has extended the suspension measures for the handling of this business related to nationwide travel.
    Period:Until Sunday, February 7th nationwide, regardless of new reservations or existing reservations.※Resumption is undecided.
  • <When making a reservation for this website>

    ① Reserve "GoTo Travel Campaign Discounted"plan from this website.
    ② Access the STAY NAVI site and register as a member.
    ③ A member registration completion mail will be sent from STAY NAVI, so access the address described in the mail.
    ④ Enter your reservation details (plan name, accommodation amount, etc.) according to the reservation information form.
    ⑤Be sure to make a note of the "coupon number" as a discount coupon will be issued according to the amount of your stay.
    ※We recommend that you print the coupon and bring it with you.Or please show me the acquisition coupon screen on my page of StayNavi.If you have difficulty printing or presenting a PC/smartphone screen, take a note and bring it.
    ⑥ Please present the "Coupon Number" and "Regional Coupon Redemption QR Code" obtained at check-in on the day of your stay.
    ※Please note that customers who do not show it will not be able to get a discount.
  • <For direct telephone reservations>

    ① Make a reservation by phone.Please be sure to state "I would like to use the GoTo Travel Campaign Discount" when making a reservation.

    ② On the day of your stay, please bring your ID to verify your identity and sign the "GoTo Travel Discount Application Confirmation Form" at check-in.

    ※Please note that the discount will not be applied if the customer does not request to use the GoTo discount.
  • <About regional coupons>

    Distribution of "Regional Common Coupons" began on October 1st.
    The amount equivalent to 15% of the travel price will be distributed to travelers as a regional coupon.

    There are two types of coupons, "paper coupons" and "electronic coupons."
    ●If you make a reservation via our official website or direct telephone reservation (application via STAY NAVI), you will receive a "paper coupon" at check-in.

    The coupon has a usage area and expiration date (from the date of stay to the date of check-out)!
    ●The coupons received at accommodations in Fukuoka prefecture are available in Fukuoka prefecture, Saga prefecture, Kumamoto prefecture, Oita prefecture, Yamaguchi prefecture, and Nagasaki prefecture.

    Toyado TAISENKAKU is also a common regional coupon handling store.
    Both paper coupons and electronic coupons can be used.
    Please use it for souvenirs, beverages, and bespoke dishes at the shop!

    ·The method of issuing coupons (paper coupons or electronic coupons) differs depending on the customer's reservation method and travel agency, so be sure to check the website of the travel agency that made the reservation.
    ·Even if you use the amount less than the face value of the regional common coupon, you cannot change.Please pay in cash etc. for the shortage of payment.
    ·No refunds will be given for returns of goods or services purchased using regional coupons.

    Please be sure to check the "GoTo Travel Campaign Official Website" for details on regional coupons.