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  2. Corona infection prevention measures

Corona infection prevention measures

  • At our inn, we are working on the following items as measures to prevent infection by the new coronavirus.
    All of our staff will continue to work to improve the environment so that our customers can stay with peace of mind.
    Even if you visit us, I think that you may inconvenience, such as requesting you to wear a mask,
    Please understand.
    If you have any questions or concerns during use, please do not hesitate to contact us.
    ※The following is the countermeasure as of October 1, 2020.The following contents may be changed in the future depending on the infection situation and government policy.We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.
  • ① Request to customers

    ·Please refrain from going out or traveling if you have a flu-like symptom such as fever or cough or if you do not feel well on the day of your stay.
    Please call to Toyado TAISENKAKU for consultation of the postponement or cancellation of the schedule.
    In addition, we will call you to confirm the reservation by the day before the reservation date.
    (We may not contact you depending on your reservation route, such as pack reservations with travel agencies and airplanes)
    ·Please be sure to wear a mask when visiting the museum.
    ·Please wear a mask when moving to a common space other than the guest room.
    ·Please disinfect your hands before visiting and before eating.Alcohol disinfection is installed in various places in this facility such as the lobby.
    ·If you are visiting the hot spring, please fill in your name and contact information at the front desk.
    ·If you feel unwell such as fever during your stay, please inform the front desk immediately.
  • ② Staff health management and infection prevention

    ·All staffs wash their hands, gargle, and sterilize their hands every day, and measure their body temperature before work.
    If you have symptoms such as fever, do not go to work.
    ·We will wear a mask when dealing with customers, preparing meals, and cleaning.
  • ③ Check-in/check-out support at the front desk

    ·We will verify your identity at check-in.Identity verification will be carried out for all participants, including accompanying persons, so be sure to bring your driver's license and other documents with you.
    ·At the time of your visit, all of our customers take temperature measurements at the entrance.
    ·Please cooperate in hand disinfection with the disinfectant installed in various places such as in the lobby and in front of the meal venue.
    ·An acrylic board will be installed at the front desk to perform regular disinfection of writing instruments, room keys, luggage carts, and other items that frequently come into contact with the chair tables in the lobby.
    ·When using for group trips, please ask the representative to check in at once, and all group travelers should wait in a dispersed manner.
    ·If you have a suspected infection, such as a fever of 37.5 degrees or higher and malaise during your stay, we may contact the public health center and follow the instructions, and in some cases we may refrain from staying.
  • ④ Guidance to guest rooms inside the facility

    ·Guidance to the room will be provided at an appropriate distance.
    ·For details other than the explanation of the main facilities (large communal bath and dining venue), we will give you a written guide.
    ·Staff will not board passengers in the elevator.
    If you would like to use the elevator, please cooperate with each group.
    ·If you can use the stairs, please cooperate with us.
    ·Basically, I will not disturb you in the guest room (excluding room meal plan),
    Please understand in advance that the staff will enter the room for dinner when you lay out the futon.
    If you want to avoid entering the futon staff, please let us know by the day before.
  • ⑤ Response at the large public bath

    ·At the dressing room, we have less baskets than usual.
    ·If it is determined that the number of people used has significantly increased, the number of people entering the room will be restricted.
    ·Towels are not placed at the dressing room, so bring your own items in the room.
    ·Only hair dryers will be provided at the dressing room.We will provide cosmetics and other amenities were previously installed.
    We will stop it, so we recommend that you bring your own.
    ·Please limit the number of people entering the sauna and refrain from using it for a long time.
    In addition, we will open the entrance door for regular ventilation.Please note that the temperature may be low.
    ·We regularly clean and disinfect baths and dressing rooms and measure the temperature in each large communal bath.
    ·Please refrain from talking in the bathhouse.
    ·Please refrain from talking with the mask off in the dressing room.
  • ⑥ About meal provision and venue

    ·Cooking staff use hand sanitizers, masks and vinyl gloves to cook.
    ·We will thoroughly disinfect the equipment (plates, spoons, trays, tables, loading platforms, etc.) used when serving food before and after preparation.
    ·We will prepare meals in the meal venue (restaurant Shiba, Nanohana, each banquet hall) with a generous arrangement.
    ·Please disinfect your hands when entering the dining room.
    ·In order to avoid splashing, we will refrain from cooking explanations by our staff.Please check the contents of the dishes on the provided menu.
    ·Please refrain from drinking or drinking at a banquet or dinner.
  • ⑦ Correspondence in the common area

    ·Alcohol disinfectant is installed in various places such as the lobby, common areas, and dining venues.
    ·In common areas such as the lobby, toilets, elevators, dining venues, and large public baths, we regularly disinfect door knobs and switches that are often touched.
    ·As it is difficult to ventilate smoking areas, the number of guests is limited.
    ·For the time being, we will refrain from the business of Lounge Nanohana.Please contact us by phone when you would like to use to advance TAISENKAKU
    ·Regarding the outdoor pool, the dressing room of our inn also doubles as a large communal bath.Please understand in advance that the number of people will be restricted if the number of people increases significantly.Please bring your own swimsuit, goggles, float, etc.
  • ⑧ About cleaning

    ·When cleaning the guest room, the windows and doors are fully opened for ventilation.
    ·Clean with an antiseptic.(Equipment such as remote controls, switches, tables, chairs, sandals, refrigerators, phones, etc.)
    ·Yukata, sheets, and towels are prepared in the guest room for washing and cleaning, and tableware for drinking and drinking are washed and disinfected.
  • ⑨ About transfer

    ·We have a shuttle service to and from the nearest Haki Bus Stop or JR Chikugo Yoshii Station, but the number of passengers in the shuttle car is limited.
    If you wish to pick up or drop off, please be sure to contact us by the day before.
    ·Please understand that we will open the windows and drive while passengers are in the air for ventilation.
    ·Before and after the transfer, we will clean the inside of the car and clean the ventilation.