About each travel subsidy underway by government offices

  • About travel subsidies provided by government agencies (countries, prefectures, cities)

    ●Fukuoka Prefecture "Fukuoka's Concealed Journey" Tourism Campaign
    Reiwa 4th May 9th-May 31st(Check out until June 1st)
    ※The terms of use have changed from before, and everyone is required to show a vaccination "three times vaccinated" or a negative test result notification.
    ※As of May, there are no convenience store accommodation vouchers for sale.
    ※Convenience accommodation vouchers and prefectural discount coupons issued on travel sites cannot be used together.
    Thank you for your attention.
    ●The country "Go To Travel Campaign" is currently suspended.
    ●Asakura City "Asakura Near Night Nosume" will be closed at the end of December 2021.

    Please be sure to check the official website for details.

Hara Tsuru Onsen, a summer tradition"Cormorant cider in the Chikugo River"

  • Finally revived for the first time in 3 years! There is also a campaign discount!

    Hara Tsuru Onsen's famous sightseeing"cormorant fishing"
    Despite the effects of repeated floods and the Korona-ka, it will be revived this year!
    In addition, the fee and operation method are different from before.Thank you for your understanding.For details, please see the information page for cormorant fishing.

    ■Reiwa 4th year implementation period
    【first half】May 20th (Friday) -June 20th(Monday) 
    【Latter half】July 15th (Friday) -August 31st(Wednesday)
    ※There will be a rainy season suspension period this year.
    【Suspension period】Please note that the service will be closed from June 21st to July 14th.

One-day lunch

  • We also have a day-trip lunch plan with hot spring bath.

TAISENKAKU lunch box

  • TAISENKAKU bento is now being accepted!

    ★We are presenting a "day trip hot spring ticket" to customers who order a lunch box and come to our inn to pick it up! ★
    Lunch that Toyado TAISENKAKU cook was handmade wholeheartedly anyone?
    We have 3 types of bento (Thai Rin bento, eel kabayaki bento, loin steak bento)!
    It is also recommended for celebrations and ceremonies.Please enjoy eating at home or at work.
    ※Accepts orders from 10 or more.
    ※Please make a reservation by phone or email at least 3 days before the date of use.

About new coronavirus infection measures

  • We will try to improve the environment so that you can stay with peace of mind.

    ●TAISENKAKU's new corona prevention measures●
    ·Hand washing and disinfection of staff,Wearing a mask,Health check
    ·Rooms,Meals in Dining Hall,Ventilation of common spaces
    ·Thorough alcohol disinfection installation and cleaning at various points in this facility
    ·Restriction on the number of people using large public baths
    ·Seating at meal and banquet halls at intervals

    <Request to customers>
    We kindly ask for your cooperation in temperature measurement, wearing a mask, verifying your identity, and disinfecting your hands as appropriate.

    ★For details on countermeasures, please read the "New Coronavirus Infection Prevention Measures" page.

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