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Farewell treats with hospitable heart and local love

  • Spare time to spare time, to believe in handmade

    In our inn, we are handcrafted as a creed, faithfully inheriting the tradition of Japanese cuisine, the cook cooks carefully one item per item.In addition, we utilize the land pattern blessed with agricultural products, we have a good balance of mountains, seas and rivers, mainly around the seasonal features.
  • Standard/Tairin Kaiseki Meal

    It is a classic course at our hotel.
    Seasonal cuisine with seasonal dishes including local dishes such as ingredients and regional dishes taken around Asakura can be enjoyed.
    【winter(December to February)Menu example】
    aperitif:Seasonal cocktail
    The Colors of the Season: Assorted season
    Juri: Eighth, Kajiki, Water squid drier
    Grilled Dish: Grilled fish with herbs
    Vapor: Local cuisine "Chikuzen Asakura Mushi Zosui"
    Small pot: Akizuki Kosho Chicken chicken and Hakata potato chicken feast pot
    Fried food: shrimp, Shrimp Toji, sweet potato, Macrophyll
    Meals: Kagao cuckoo
    Restroom: Asakura soba, Yuzu tofu
    Fragrance: Three types
    ※The photograph is an image.Some contents may be changed.
  • Upgrade/Sensui Kaiseki Meal

    To those who wish to rank higher than standard!
    It is also a feature that you can choose one favorite from one of us, boiled helmet of snapper of popular seasoning or seasoned tempuraji.
    【winter(December to February)Menu example】
    aperitif:Seasonal cocktail
    Appetizer:Assorted seasons 6 varieties
    Juri:Eighth, Water squid drier, Kajiki, red snapper
    soup: Flowery noodles, Citron
    Vapor:Local cuisine "Chikuzen Asakura Mushi Zosui"
    Replacement pot: pottery grill of domestic cattle
    Meals:Kagao cuckoo
    Flavor: 3 kinds of flour
    ★Choice One item, (Please choose whichever you like, whether simmered or fried)
    A:Simmered dishes/Braised beef
    B:Fried food/shrimp, Shrimp Toji
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  • For special rooms / Kakusyo Kaiseki

    Kakusyo Kaiseki is mainly in the dishes that are served at our inn is a special room Kojitsu-no-ma VIP room, Kojitsu-no-ma Koujinan, we will welcome the contents stuck to quality.
    【winter(December to February)Menu example】
    aperitif:Seasonal cocktail
    The Colors of the Season: Assorted season
    soup: Concateno, Shiitake
    Juri:Assorted Genkai seafood
    Grilled Dish: Grilled cedar of autumn
    Small pot: Hiragori dust
    A western plate: Wagyu (Japanese Beef) Steak
    Vinegared dish: Tiger and kidney stab
    Meals: Crab meat
    Restroom: Asakura soba, Yuzu tofu
    Fragrance: Five species,  
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  • Breakfast

    Picking fun! Eating delicious! About 80 kinds of Western-style buffet with plenty of local Chikugo's ingredients.
    It's homemade winding egg TAISENKAKU specialty is a must-see also cooks of craftsmanship, which is demonstrated in front of the eye.
    Please eat deliciously in a freshly made feeling that you can feel the fluffy feeling transmitted only by picking with chopsticks, with the gentle sweetness of the region that took full advantage of the umami of soup stock.

    ※In some cases, it may be offered in Japanese set menu (set menu).In that case we will contact you in advance.
  • Ayu fostered in Chikugo River

    River fishes such as sweetfish and carp are also inhabited in Kikyu 's first big river, Chikugo River crossing Hara Tsuru Onsen, and the traditional fishing method "fodder" traditionally conducted is also done.There are also people who do not like river fish, but in particular, sweetfish is easy to eat fresh fish.In addition to the classic "Ayu no Salt-grilled", we also recommend "Ayu noodle" and "Ayu no Matsumae Sushi"!
  • Grace of Chikugo, ~ abundant ingredients and taste ~